The registration on the Solarex platform allows access to the services given by this system as detailed herein. The registration doesn’t give any rights or any claims or any of the assets of Solarex or any share in any profit that the platform may attain, to the holders.

Solarex website and white paper were made for information purpose only.     The information herein does not represent a proposal, it is not information to make an investment in any financial entity. The information is not at all a proposal or a solicitation to buy or sell any security.

Do read our terms and conditions of token sale to get full details. The solarex team will be conducting a token launch to fund the development of the solarex ecosystem that is innovative truly disruptive and democratised.

You are advised to read the full disclaimer at whitepaper carefully before, accessing or making any other use of this website and documents in it.  

By registering on our platform and engaging in the ICO, acknowledge agreeing to our terms and conditions.

The white paper described the current plan and vision for the solarex ecosystem. While we intend to attempt to realise this vision, you must recognise that it is dependent on quite a number of factors and subject to quite a number of risks. We do not guarantee, represent or warrant any of the statements in this whitepaper, because they are based on current beliefs, expectations, and assumptions about which there can be no assurance due to various anticipated and unanticipated events that may occur. The company, founders, advisors shall not be liable for any losses that arise in any way due to the use of this document and the contents contained herein.

The Token Sale and this White Paper have not been registered under any law or regulations.

The content on the website of Solarex and its white paper are subject to change at any point of time without prior notification. The white paper and the website of Solarex explain the recent plan and vision of the ecosystem.

While we put all efforts to achieve this idea, you must accept that this vision is reliant on quite a large number of factors which are completely subject to a huge number of risks.  We cannot and do not therefore give any kind of guarantee or warrant of any of the statements mentioned in the white paper or on the website of Solarex as these information are clearly founded on our current theories, prospects and assumptions, about which there can be no promise due to various anticipated and unanticipated proceedings that may happen and you should all know that  Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and all the other facets of our technology and these markets are in their beginning and will be subject to many experiments, competition, and an altering environment.

All the interested parties recognize that the Solarex system, as described herein, may never in fact work as envisioned.

It is completely impossible to foresee anything outside of our instant control including economic influences.


Terms of Purchase

By registering on www.solarex.io website, you acknowledged that you accepted the fact that any acquisitions of Solarex Utility tokens are non-refundable. Buying the Solarex token means you recognise that you have sensibly studied the ‘Terms and Conditions of purchased available at https://solarex.io/ts.pdf and that you fully understand and accepted the risks and benefits. Possession of Solarex tokens doesn’t stand for any future governance of this system. And are allowed by law to purchase the token in your present given jurisdiction. You further signify and warrant that you are of legal age to be bound by these terms and conditions, and will not hold the organization, its legislatures, founders, affiliates or consultants, now or in the future liable for any losses or damages arising out of the purchase or sale of this Solarex token.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) must be completed when prompted, before you will be allowed to make purchase of token, by completing the registration on www.solarex.io you also agree to supply your data as required for the KYC purpose. We have the right to reject any suspicious or in-completed data and no refund of any type will be made to you.  

The Solarex ecosystem is envisioned to be established as per the scope of work contained herein, on the positive conclusion of the ICO; however, the project scope, budget, and deadlines are exposed to change at any point of time and should not be deemed as ultimate.


Legal Considerations

You may lose all your monies that you spend purchasing Solarex Token (SRX) in the event that you purchase tokens, your purchase cannot be refunded or exchanged.

There is no guarantee that the utility of the SRX or the project described in this white paper will be delivered.

By registering on the website and participating in the token purchase you are agreeing to the Solarex terms and conditions and therefore waiving your rights. You agree you have no recourse, claim action, judgments or remedy against African Blockchain Research Council.


Regional Restrictions

Citizens, nationals, residents, green cards holders / or restricted persons of any restricted jurisdiction are not permitted to participate and are expressly prohibited from participating in the Token generation events. ( United State, China, ETC )