Why the Solarex decentralized network is the best renewable energy option

The need for a decentralized network of power has always been an idea which has been floated over the past few years. Unfortunately, electricity generation in Africa is presently been produced in a centralized manner using massive power plants. Once generated, it is distributed over long distances to end users. This option is grossly inefficient due to the fact that centralization reduces competition and tends towards monopolistic practices.

Again, it must be realized that distribution cost usually add up to over 30% of the overhead cost of price of energy across the supply chain network. Fossil-fuel energy plants emit huge level of CO2 and other greenhouse gases that have contributed to thousands of deaths in Africa yearly.

There is therefore need to replace the global, centralized mode of energy production in Africa, considering the huge energy shortfall that has bedeviled the continent in the past two decades. Fortunately, Africa Blockchain Research Council (ABRC), a holding company of Auto Republic, UK, came up with a research product to help minimize the impact of both the energy shortfall and the negative impact of CO2 emission in the continent.

Powering Africa Project, an idea which was conceived by ABRC in 2017, has remained in the front burner in the quest to revolutionize the energy sector via Blockchain technology. The project which is a Cryptocurrency based energy solution will build a decentralized network of energy resources connecting them through blockchain technology. The decentralized network solution will reduce energy cost, create a cleaner environment and help more Africa have easy access to electricity.

The project is been backed up by the Solarex token Generation Event, which is been scheduled to take off from on the 15th of May 2018.

The solarex official website is already open for registration and lots of subscribers have already registered, completed the KYC process and funded their Solarex account with ease. For information about partnership and or private sale, contact the CEO directly at ceo@solarex.io
You can also reach Solarex Team in various ways: Chat on Telegram: https://t.me/SolarexICO

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