Why is the Solarex token a Must have token for Crypto investors ?

The Solarex token Generation Event commenced officially today (15/05/2018). It is a utility token that will help create a platform that would make available energy for African countries that are in desperate need for electricity to power infrastructural and economic development.

What makes the Solarex token a must have token?
Minimal technical details
The Solarex token sale is simplified to help the clarity of registered users and potential investors who want to purchase the Solarex token. The use of technical jargons has been deliberately avoided to enable easy understanding of the token sales project.
Well packed Whitepaper
The 33 paged Solarex Whitepaper is a well written document that highlights all the basic ingredients normally found in most Whitepapers. It includes a summary about the vision, idea, business model and Solarex token distribution.
Solving real life problem
The Africa Blockchain Research Council(ABRC) via the Powering Africa Project aims to become the largest, most efficient and efficient solar energy provider in Africa, offering energy at a cheap price for all, and setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction at all times.
Amazing bonuses
The Solarex Pre-ICO token sales will involves a total volume of 100,000,000 SRX tokens and there are associated bonus attached to the Solarex token sales. For example, the Pre-ICO token sales will attract a bonus of 20%, while there are special bonuses for private investors
Solid team/advisor
The Solarex project is backed up by an experienced team of professionals and industry expert both in the Solar and Cryptocurrency niche market. The team has been set up with the sole purpose of making a success of the project.
Practicable roadmap
The Solarex roadmap shows a clear timeline of physical projects that would be implemented and the time frame involved.

Unlike most ICO’s that don’t have a clear mandate about project timing, the Solarex Powering Africa Project is broken down into mini projects thus making them easy to implement.
The solarex (SRX) Utility tokens Presale has officially commenced. For information about partnership and or private sale, contact the CEO directly at ceo@solarex.io
You can also reach Solarex Team in various ways: Chat on Telegram: https://t.me/SolarexICO

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