What is the Africa Blockchain Research Council all about?

One of the most highly anticipated token sales in the cryptocurrency space is the Solarex token sales, which is been floated by the Africa Blockchain Research Council (ABRC), a holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, UK.

What exactly is the Africa Blockchain Research Council all about? For the benefit of those who care about knowing what ABRC stands for, it will delight users to note that the Africa Blockchain Research Council is a research and Development company that has a panacea to real life problems. The company came up with the idea of finding a solution to the crippling energy situation in Africa.

The research efforts of ABRC culminated in the birth of the Powering Africa Project, which is been positioned as the best renewable energy solution in Africa, that will unleash value from the unmet energy demand across Africa via Blockchain Technology. To enable the actual implementation of the Project, ABRC is proud to announce that the Solarex Token sales have been scheduled to commence from the 15th of May, 2018.

The solarex official website is already open for registration and lots of subscribers have already registered, completed the KYC process and funded their Solarex account with ease. For information about partnership and or private sale, contact the CEO directly at ceo@solarex.io

You can also reach Solarex Team in various ways:

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