We’re delighted to welcome krunal Bhongade into the Solarex team

The solarex project is heating up, and its with joy we welcome krunal Bhongade into our team of talents. A holder of a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics, krunal Bhongade is also the founder/CEO of SMARK Automation, a firm that specializes in user specific Automation and programming with vast affiliation to Power plant installation and instrumentation.

A pragmatic performer with excellent work ethics, he holds the enviable record of developing a power monitoring and control devices. He has ample experience in developing graphical user interface for window based embedded systems, and has had a stint with the renewable energy industries in India, as a Senior Automation and Instrumentation design engineer.

He has been credited with the designed automation for renewable energy plants and developed a power monitoring and control for power supply to the plant. Always creating new innovations to simplify the power automation process, krunal Bhongade remains positive about the Solarex Project and the potential it holds for the Africa energy sector.

With less than 7 days to the end of the Solarex Pre-Sale, there is still opportunity for those yet to join. Simply visit https://www.solarex.io and ensure you register, complete the KYC process and start purchasing Solarex tokens.

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Program Coordinator, Nigeria

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