Two reasons why it makes financial sense to buy solarex tokens at ICO Pre-Sale stage

A wise investor would rather buy solarex tokens at ICO Pre-Sale stage, knowing full well the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Initial coin offerings are usually platforms used to raise funds for projects built around a particular coin or token.

The cryptocurrency market is becoming so interesting, as numerous ICO’s are launched in the market on a daily basis. The solarex ICO Pre-Sale recently launched officially, and these are two reasons why you should buy solarex tokens at the Pre-Sale stage.

Very cheap price per token
Solarex (SRX) tokens are presently been sold at a fixed price of $0.05 during this Pre-Sale stage. This price will subsequently go up after Pre-Sale. The price is predicted to go beyond the $1 boundary when it hits the external exchanges, as talks are already at advance stages with top exchanges to get the token listed.

The difference in the price during ICO should be a motivation for smart crypto investors. Let’s say a smart investor decides to buy solarex tokens during Pre-Sale (20,000 SRX tokens at $0.05), and when the price soars to $0.2 per token, he decides to sell his 20,000SRX tokens.

What will be his profit margin? Simple calculation will give us a clue as regards the profit margin. He invested $1000 while buying the solarex tokens, and earned a princely sum of $4000 after sales. His profit margin will become $4000-$1000=$3000. This no doubt makes good financial sense to the discerning crypto investor.

Added incentives like bonuses
During ICO Pre-Sale period, Solarex will be offering bonuses as incentives. These bonuses differ depending on time of purchase. Solarex tokens presently have a bonus of 20% during Pre-Sale stage and these bonus incentives aren’t available when these tokens get listed in the exchanges.

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