Three reasons why the Solarex Pre-Sale can change your financial fortunes

The financial fortunes of subscribers is of utmost concern to us at solarex. For this singular reason, we have introduced various incentives that will boost our subscribers financially. Our token Pre-Sale which started on the 15th of May 2018 is almost winding up, and a host of subscribers have already utilized the opportunity to get registered and have started benefiting from this amazing opportunity created by the Africa Blockchain Research Council. Here are three reasons why been a part of the solarex Pre-Sale event can change your financial fortunes:
1. The solarex token is just $0.05: One of the main reasons why you should quickly utilize this Pre-Sale opportunity and purchase solarex tokens is the cheap price that is been afforded users. At just $0.05 per solarex token, it is a bargain, which any smart crypto investor should not toy with
2. A whopping 20% bonus: For each solarex token purchased, there is an added incentive of 20% bonus attached. This no doubt is an innovative way of encouraging solarex subscribers who have supported the solarex project right from inception. Those who have already purchased the tokens have testified about this amazing incentive introduced to benefit subscribers.
3. Free 50SRX tokens: Another amazing benefit that most solarex subscribers have started utilizing is the free 50SRX tokens gifted to registered users. These free tokens which are equivalent to $2.5, has no doubted impacted positively on the minds of all registered solarex subscribers.

The truth about the solarex project is that the token will get listed on external exchanges within 14 days after ICO ends, and this alone is enough reason why subscribers and token holders should be positive. No doubt, the token will hopefully increase in value and those who have utilized the Pre-Sale window will be the biggest winners as their financial fortunes will be greatly enhanced.

What are you still waiting for? It’s just 8 days remaining before the end of Solarex Pre-Sale, you can still register, complete your KYC, fund your account and purchase solarex tokens at an amazing price of $0.05 per token. Simply visit our official website at for more details.

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