The ultimate vision of solarex and its impact on the renewable energy industry in Africa

The ultimate vision of solarex, is to become the largest, most efficient and sustainable energy provider, offering energy at a clean, cheap and affordable price for all, and setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction.

The solarex team will work relentlessly across the globe to ensure the same goal and vision is achieved within a set time frame. This would pave the way for major successes in achieving the following business Model:

• Attracting thousands of subscribers with greater ease in financing and reach. The solarex business model will be implemented across the African continent by supplying Solar PV package and Solarex Smart meters for outright sales. This will ultimately take care of the issue of customers who may wish to buy Solar PV panels and Solarex packages on a lease arrangement.
• The ultimate vision of solarex will enable a solution for vast majority of the Africans in self-sustainable manner, which is envisaged for major value creation from solar powered business in and across Africa. In the process, Solarex will create huge potential for value creation in Utility Tokens.
• Earning the trust of customers by open, transparent but yet secured decentralized transaction will form part of the ultimate vision of solarex via the highly innovative Solarex App. This App will no doubt revolutionize access to energy among consumers in the entire Africa continent and create a whole new world of business opportunities where users can leverage on its flexibility and ease of access.
• Protecting users’ interest with utmost convenience and security by deploying state of the art security measures both on their official Solarex website, on the customized Solarex App and also on the Solarex ecosystem.
• As part of solarex vision, a dedicated channel that will focus on retailing solar power via Solar farms with its own private grid for households and commercial enterprises across Africa will be created. This will in the long term create easy access to clean and cheap electricity for all.
• The ultimate vision of solarex will see the entire Solarex energy generation and distribution system been set up on smart contract and smart metering backed by blockchain technology.

The Solarex Cryptocurrency based energy solution will build a decentralized network of energy resources connecting them through blockchain technology.

The Powering Africa Project will ultimately create clean and cheap access to electricity for vast majority of Africans. It is a technology that is been powered to succeed.

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