The solarex token is predicted to rise in value over time

For starters, the solarex token (SRX) is an innovative off grid Solar Energy solution technology that is hinged on the Blockchain technology. It is a utility token issued by Africa Blockchain Research Council (ABRC), a holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, UK.

The token has the potential of giving access to the services provided on the Solarex platform. It is a decentralized energy solution which will see all token holders connected via a user friendly Solarex App for token value creation in ethical and transparent manner.

Maximum value will be created for solarex token holders via the blockchain technology that will be driving the whole business model. The idea is to focus on three areas that will create value for users- base technology, operational value and longstanding value creation. The entire process will undergo a pilot phase first in Nigeria, before been deployed in other African countries where there is a serious demand for energy.

The solarex token is expected to rise in price over time based on some known facts, which will impact positively on the token in the coming months.
• The solarex token will be used to access and operate Solarex Solar Energy Ecosystem
• The single time mining of the Solarex token will ensure that Solarex tokens grow in parallel with the growth of numbers of token holders and number of transactions in the Solarex Ecosystem
• The Solarex tokens will be used to drive the Powering Africa Project, which is an innovative and first of its kind in Africa and this will position the token to become one of the most sought after utility token on the blockchain network.
• The Solarex token will create a cost effective, affordable and clean energy solution for all users
• Token owners can easily sell their tokens to others if they don’t need it, as the token is expected to be on external exchanges 14 days after the end of the ICO.

There’s still ample opportunity for those thinking about purchasing solarex tokens. Simply visit and complete all the registration and funding procedures, which is absolutely easy.

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