The solarex token airdrop is getting hot!

The solarex token airdrop has gathered momentum in the last 72 hours, as the official Solarex ICO Telegram group crossed 60K membership. This is a proof to the authenticity of the solarex project which is aimed at providing a platform that will guarantee clean and affordable energy solution for users within and beyond Africa.

The Solarex energy solution is decentralized, democratised and Blockchain based and comes with the possibility of reducing the present hike in energy cost and also reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution created by fossil fuel based energy generation plants.

The ultimate Target
The target is to hit the 100K membership mark and the pace of growth within the community gives enough confidence that this 100K target can be achieved within the next few days.

We are already concluding updates on our official website and the Solarex Whitepaper. Notifications about these and other updates on the Solarex project will be made available to our esteemed subscribers via all our social media platforms.

How to participate in the solarex token airdrop?
This is the best time to participate in the solarex token airdrop. Getting involved is absolutely simple. All you need to do is follow the link below:

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You can also join our telegram group to be a part of our ever expanding community:
You can always reach Solarex Team via the following channels: Follow on Twitter:
Visit our official Solarex website: and get daily update of our planned events as we countdown to the eventual launch of the solarex ICO.


Program Coordinator, Nigeria