The Solarex ICO ranks among the best ico project of 2018

The race for the best ico project in the cryptocurrency market is getting hotter with each passing day.  The Solarex ICO project has however received numerous accolades and rave review from top ICO ranking platforms like and respectively.

It has been a fantastic time starting from our Pre-Sale, which attracted a lot of subscribers and investors alike. The good news about the Solarex ICO project is that it can only get better.
With an amazing project- “Powering Africa Project”, backing the token, investors have started partnering with the project and the purchase of the Solarex token have increased over the past few weeks after the formal launch of Pre-Sale.

The solarex team which gives the platform an obvious edge over its other competitors keeps innovating and creating new options to make the platform more customer friendly and interactive, as our various social media platforms have witnessed an influx of subscribers. Our Telegram group, Facebook page, Linkedin Group and Twitter handle have been full of solarex activities.

The low price of the Solarex token ($0.05 per token), remains a huge source of attraction to investors who have also utilized the amazing 20% bonus that goes with each Solarex token purchase by subscribers. The prospect of the solarex project as one of the best ico project is just too good to be missed and it is set to even get better with plans to enter into external exchanges after the end of ICO at advance stage.

You too can become a part of the best ico project by purchasing the Solarex tokens. There is still ample opportunity to get involved in the Solarex Pre-Sale. Simply visit the Solarex official website- , create a free account, fund your account and go ahead to buy your Solarex tokens now!

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