Solarex customer care service is simply amazing

The role of customer care service in any platform, organization or company can never be overemphasized, as it is one of the most effective ways of increasing membership and building bond between Solarex and our budding community.

An effective customer care service can increase subscriber’s confidence and trust in the brand.
One of the first points of contact Solarex uses in interacting with subscribers is the ever growing Telegram group.

Any question on all aspect of the Solarex project can be asked and answers given instantaneously. The beauty about the Telegram group is that members are free to interact with Solarex Administrators on issues bothering on Solarex ICO, Solarex token Airdrop, Solarex bounty Campaign e.t.c

Another innovative ways for potential investors to get in touch with the Solarex team is via a simple email, which can be sent directly to the CEO, via . Responses are normally received within 24 hours, no matter the day or time mails are sent.

The Solarex customer care service via email is also used in sending mails to subscribers on a regular basis to keep them abreast of the latest news and information about the Solarex ICO. We already have a growing email list that is usually updated in real time, as our membership keeps swelling every day.

Our dedicated mobile number: +44(0)8712884283 is always opened 24/7 for subscribers to call in and get the required information about our project. There are other channels our customer care service utilizes like our twitter handle, Solarex Facebook page and our LinkedIn page which are always open for questions on every aspect of the project.

Our much anticipated brand new ICO website which will be formally launched in the next two weeks, will not only be fully interactive, but will also bring some new embedded features for better customer experience. It will further increase the already establish customer care relationship that has pre – existed over the past few months.

To have access to more information about the Solarex project, kindly join our fast growing telegram group:
You can always reach Solarex Team via: Twitter:
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