Powering Africa Project is poised to create a clean and affordable energy solution

A clean and affordable energy solution remains the global standard for the energy market worldwide. This idea which is a result of the positive impact of renewable energy in the electricity industry has created a lot of buzz in the last few years globally.

The Africa Blockchain Research Council a UK based holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, made a major breakthrough in 2017 as part of its research analysis in creating a clean and affordable energy solution in Africa, using the Blockchain Technology. ABRC came up with an innovative model code named “Powering Africa Project”. It is a Project that aims to deploy the amazing potential of both the Blockchain Technology and renewable energy.

The benefits derivable from Blockchain driven energy solution are numerous and include speedy verification and execution of peer-to-peer transactions and the creation of a secured and transparent global transactions.

Providing a platform that will guarantee clean and affordable energy solution for users remain a priority to Powering Africa Project as contained in Africa Blockchain Research Council aims and objectives which are clearly enshrined in the Solarex Whitepaper.

Many energy industry leaders believe that Blockchain is a vital technological requirement that can provide a clean and cheap energy solution that will determine the future of the energy industry in the coming years.

Its potential can be utilized via a decentralized system that connects solar farms to companies and small scale households, which will ultimately result in the generation of a cost effective, sustainable and efficient green energy system.

Part of the numerous benefits to be accessed from the Powering Africa Project is that of being able to produce and consume internally generated Energy and profitably sell excess energy in the Solarex ecosystem via the Solarex App.

The Blockchain driven Powering Africa Project apart from deploying a decentralized and sustainable model of clean and affordable energy, will also reduce the over reliance on the erratic energy supply from the power grid, thus affording users multiple options.

Africa Blockchain Research Council as part of its collaborative efforts in helping stop the lingering energy crisis in Africa has created strong business relationship with energy stakeholders and startup companies in the Blockchain niche market with the sole purpose of reducing the present hike in energy cost and also reduces CO2 emissions and environmental pollution created by conventional sources.

Comparatively, the Powering Africa Project has mapped out strategies to cut down further on CO2 emissions and reduce the cost per energy to as much as 30% per household across African countries where Solarex will be operating.

The ultimate aim is to ensure easy access to clean and affordable energy solution for all.
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