Join the solarex token airdrop today

The solarex token airdrop has been on for some few weeks now, and the opportunity it brings to subscribers has been quite amazing.

A token airdrop by the way, is basically a process via which huge distributions of free tokens to registered users who have joined a particular social media platform or ICO project website take place.

The essence is to create awareness and to reward registered users who have faithfully followed such project. airdrop
The solarex token airdrop for example will be allocating $750,000 worth of SRX token for registered subscribers who are taking part in the airdrop.

This no doubt is an indication to how high solarex value its esteemed subscribers who have always supported the solarex project since its inception.

How do one benefit from the solarex token airdrop?
Simply refer up to 5 friends and earn a whooping 420 SRX tokens which is equivalent to $21. You can invite as many as possible, as the more friends you invite, the more solarex tokens you will get.

The whole idea behind having an Airdrop is to help build a larger and more effective community that will have a deep knowledge about the ICO project.

The Solarex project is all about lighting up Africa via a combination of renewable energy and Blockchain technology.

The solarex token airdrop will hopefully spread the message across to millions of participants who will register to be part of the Airdrop.
We are anticipating building our Telegram group to 100,000 followers before the commencement of the solarex ICO. Our other social media platforms are equally growing at an amazing pace, as part of our community growth development.

How to participate in the solarex token airdrop
Participating in the Solarex token Airdrop is absolutely simple. All you need to do is follow the following link:

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Also join our telegram group to be a part of our ever expanding community that keeps growing daily:
You can always reach Solarex Team via the following channels: Follow on Twitter:
Visit our official Solarex website: and get daily update of our planned events as we countdown to the eventual launch of the solarex ICO.


Program Coordinator, Nigeria