Introducing Dattatray Nimbone on board the solarex team of talents

The solarex team of talents is uniquely privileged to have Dattatray Nimbone as part of the team. He has been with us right from inception and is an engineering and manufacturing solution expert who has continually delivered engineering projects all over the world. Dattatray Nimbone has abundant experience in technology, medical science and market research. A key feature he will be bringing into the solarex team of talents.

He has made some remarkable breakthrough in the engineering field, which includes the completion of market research in phenol, adhesives, starches, tapes etc. He has also initiated and implemented the establishment of chemical plants, adhesive projects, and herbal extraction plants globally.

As a consultant with CECON, he has been able to create an innovative mix of resin and emulsion formulations, which have become so popular in paints, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and Bulk drug manufacturing service.

He has also been actively engaged in the manufacturing of water treatment chemicals, solar water treatment plant, solvent extraction and wastewater treatment of dyes and chemicals. An astute goal-getter who will be bringing so much value to the solarex team of talents, he has accomplished over 200 reverse-engineering assignments in record time, he holds a Master in Technology (M.Tech) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, We are excited with his immense contribution to the Solarex project and would always cherish his amazing impact towards ensuring the goals and vision of Solarex is achieved.

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