In the midst of deepening energy crisis, Solarex is set to make a difference

The deepening energy crisis in Africa has seen more than 620 million people been deprived of electricity over the past two decades. This is coming on the heels of rising population which is presently at 1.2 billion and rising.

To worsen issue, just over 28GW of electricity to go round a growing population that is hungry for electricity. The stark reality of the energy crisis in Africa is that the continent is in dire need of power. This reality can best be illustrated via a simple look at the energy situation in Nigeria. With a population of over 180 Million, Nigeria is battling energy crisis on several fronts, and these challenges can be attributed to:
• Absence of grid power in remote towns and villages
• Lack of transparency and security in energy transactions
• destruction of power sector installation facilities by vandals
• Monopolistic regime by energy companies
• High and exploitative cost of energy
• Poor capacity utilization
• erratic power supply due to grid instability
• Corruption across the power value chain
• low installed capacity

The amazing news is that Solarex Energy solution has come up with a decentralized, robust and Blockchain based energy solution which will be utilizing the renewable energy of the Sun and allow users can purchase targeted energy via Solarex utility tokens (SRX).

It is anticipated that the tokenization of the energy industry will be the real driver to create a more robust and energy-efficient system.

This solution will also cut drastically the CO2 emission with its attendant effect on human deaths and the environment.
In the long term, Solarex will help to cushion the impact of the lingering energy crisis in Africa via its robust system that is based on Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency enabled transaction systems.

The Solarex ecosystem is a disruptive and innovative system that will definitely improve the living condition of the people of Africa.

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Program Coordinator, Nigeria