How to maximally benefit from the solarex platform by implementing three simple steps

With less than 5 days to the end of the Solarex Pre-Sale, it is important that some vital information on how to benefit from the solarex platform be shared.

The first step towards benefiting from the solarex platform is to register via the link- and start reaping some amazing benefits, which include getting free 50SRX tokens ($2.5). The registration process is so simple and normally takes less than 5 minutes maximum. Once registered, your login details should be kept secured for future use.

The next most vital step you must implement, is to undertake the KYC process on the website. KYC simply means Knowing Your Customer. Without completing the KYC, you may be denied access to certain privileges like purchasing tokens and getting involved in the Solarex bounty campaign.

The process requires you to input your First name, Last name, email address, Residential address, country, City, State, zip code, phone number, KYC ID and proof of address. To know more about the KYC process, visit .

The last but not the least, is to fund your Solarex account. This is very important, because without funding your Solarex account, you cannot purchase Solarex tokens and benefit from the amazing opportunity that Solarex is creating for subscribers.

The process of funding your Solarex account is absolutely simple. To start the process of funding your account, simply visit .
As soon as you are done with the three steps above, then you can begin to benefit maximally from the solarex platform. Most subscribers have already keyed into the whole process and with less than 5 days left to the close of the Solarex Pre-Sale, you can still join, by visiting our official website at

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