How to complete the KYC process in 7 simple steps

The KYC process is a very important step in the cryptocurrency niche market. KYC simply stands for Know Your Customer. It is a simple process that involves collecting personal data or information about all registered user on a website as part of statutory obligation. In view of this, Solarex will be implementing KYC in order to follow the approved international regulations. By implementing this KYC process, SRX token holders will be protected from all legal risks. You must ensure that all KYC guidelines are followed, because SRX tokens cannot be purchased without completing this KYC process.
Below are 7 simple steps to completing the KYC process:
1. Visit Solarex official website:
2. Next you click on Login and input your username and password
3. Once you’ve successfully logged into your Solarex account, click on settings in the drop down menu
4. Click on edit profile and the edit profile page will pop up
5. Fill all the compulsory fields which are asterisked. Ensure you input the correct information. The compulsory information required is: First name, Last name, email address, Residential address, country, City, State, zip code, phone number, proof of address. The last field is optional and it requires you to input your Wallet address
6. Ensure you upload a government approved ID or an International passport. Also upload a recent bank statement or utility bill as proof of Address
7. Once you done, simply click update and as soon as you submit your KYC update, you will receive a message “Your profile has been updated successfully “
Just a day left for the Solarex Pre-ICO token sales to commence, massive registration is still ongoing at the Solarex official website and lots of subscribers have already registered, completed the KYC process and funded their Solarex account with ease. For information about partnership and or private sale, contact the CEO directly at
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