Good news as Solarex rating on is now 4.4

The rating of an ICO website is an indicator to its general acceptability by the ICO rating websites and the fact it has been able to meet up with certain criteria that makes it safe for investors to acquire tokens on such platforms.

Top ICO rating website for example have a painstaking process they deploy in rating an ICO website after carrying out analytical assessment using a special bot called Benchy.
How carries out their rating: As with other ICO rating websites, base their rating on a scale of 5 to 1. A rating of 1 implies the ICO website is poorly rated, while a rating of 5 is the highest rating an ICO website can achieve. They have a carefully selected team of experts who subjectively access different aspect of the ICO website that is been rated and their overall assessment is published and updated on a daily basis.
What specific area does usually assess on an ICO website?
The four areas of attention in any ICO website been rated is the Team, Marketing/Social Media, Product presentation and ICO information. These four areas are scrutinized by experts to ensure they meet up with international standards and based on these assessments, a rating will be made.
The good news is that Solarex has been successfully assessed by and an impressive 4.4 rating has been awarded to Solarex based on the fact that the critical area of solarex rating assessment has been successfully passed. Most importantly, KYC was passed by two top Advisors of Solarex- Oti Edema and Ranit Saha. This no doubt is a proof to the potential of the Solarex Project.

The rating of an ICO website is not only a yardstick, but criteria to be evaluated in confirming if the ICO project is credible. The fact remains that solarex rating will keep going higher in the coming days as updates its rating to reflect its ranking as one of the best ICO project to watch out for this year 2018.
The Solarex token is presently on Pre-ICO stage and subscribers can easily visit our official website- to register, fund their Solarex account and buy Solarex tokens with ease. The amazing news about the tokens is that they can be purchased at $0.05 per token at Pre-ICO stage.

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