How to Fund your Solarex account with ease

After registering and completing the KYC process, the next major step you must get to understand is how to fund your Solarex account. This step is necessary before you can purchase Solarex tokens. Below are 10 simple steps to funding your Solarex account.

1. Visit the official website: and login using your username and password
2. When you are in your Solarex Personal Page or Dashboard, to start the process funding your Account, simply click the “Make a deposit” menu
3. Click the drop down menu under “Select Currency” and select from either USD, BTC, ETH or LTC and enter the specific amount you wish to deposit in your Solarex account
4. Click the icon under “SELECT PAYMENT”
5. Your payment option will automatically appear under “You have selected”
6. Click SUBMIT and a new page will appear containing your payment summary
7. Click the “Deposit” button under the Payment Summary
8. The Coinpayments page will appear containing details of the amount you wish to deposit
9. Simply enter your first name, Last name and email address under the Buyer/Shipping Information and click the blue field under choose your coin containing your coin amount to be deposited
10. Click Complete Checkout button and a new page containing a wallet address you are to pay into within 24 hours will appear
11. Go to your blockchain address or coin exchange wallet and send the exact amount of coin to the address specified
12. Your Solarex account would be funded with the amount within an hour of sending
The above steps can be completed within 5 minutes or less depending on your internet network speed. Once funded, you are now ready to buy Solarex tokens.
With less than 24 hours to the official commencement of the Solarex Pre-ICO Token Sales, you can still register, complete the KYC process and fund your Solarex account via the Solarex official website: https://solarex. io

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