Four amazing features you should expect from the new solarex website

There has been huge expectation from the Solarex community as par the launch of the new Solarex website which is been upgraded and projected to be one of the best ICO websites within the crypto currency niche market.

Web developers have been working round the clock to ensure that the brand new Solarex website meet the expectations of our loyal subscribers.

Site speed: Website speed is very crucial for creating the perfect user experience (UX). A responsive and dynamic website is always a delight for website visitors. Two seconds (2 Seconds) is the threshold for ranking site speed, while any website that takes more than 10 seconds before loading i generally regarded as been slow.

The good news is that the much anticipated new solarex website will have a good user experience (UX) and its loading time in desktop and mobile will be absolutely fast.

Brand new interface: The brand new Solarex website will have a functional web design and a rich layout that will give it an amazing User Interface (UI). Navigating through the sub menus via the home page will be a lot easier as the brand new interface will create a better feel around the site.

New Advisors: One of the new features subscribers should look forward to in the new Solarex website to be launched soon, is the addition of three new advisors. These are experienced ICO experts that will be bringing value to the entire Solarex platform and project. Rumen Slavchov, Alex Linenko and Dr Vidy Potdar will be the new face we would be seeing in the new Solarex website.

They come with so much influence and reputation and their addition will give value to the Solarex platform.

New upgraded Whitepaper: The new Solarex website will also feature and upgraded and new look Solarex Whitepaper. The Whitepaper has gone through an overhaul and it will have new contents and embedded schematics that will illustrate changes in the Solarex project.

The new Whitepaper will be unique, rich and compact with enhance features to help the subscribers understand the dynamics of the Solarex project
Hopefully, the actual date of launching the brand new website will be announced via all Solarex social media platforms and it will no doubt be worth the wait.

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