Five key factors to consider before launching your initial coin offering project

Before thinking of an initial coin offering launch, there are key factors that must be considered. A good knowledge of what an ICO really means is very important.

For starters, it is a crowd funding scheme in crypto currency known as initial coin offering. It involves inviting potential investors to invest in a novel project that has high potentials of succeeding.
In other to have a successful initial coin offering there are secrets that developers should be conversant with and i will sharing four of these secrets today.

The idea
There is a lot of unexplored water in the crypto currency space, instead of competing with already successful projects by doing something similar, it is imperative that you come up with a novel idea. Telecommunications, Health, Energy, Banking and Finance, Agriculture, Tourism, Aviation, just name it. They all have awesome potentials that can be explored via deploying crypto currency driven technology.

The team
There have been so many initial coin offering scams in crypto currency space especially of recent so investors are now very careful about the team behind projects. In order to have a successful initial coin offering in today’s reality it is important to bring in experts with good track records in the industry.

A very good website: Like they say, “first impression lasts”. The first part of your ICO project where potential investors interact with is the crowd funding site and no matter how novel the project is, a mediocre user interface is a turn off and scares investors away.

The white paper and one pager: in addition to having a good user friendly website with good user interface, you also need a well designed white paper and one pager with properly defined scope.

Social media presence: There has to be strong social media presence because hype is the most important part of launching your initial coin offering project, if most people believe the ICO will succeed, then it is most likely going to succeed.

You don’t want to lunch a crowd sale and find out people who would have invested in your project never heard about it. Recently, a lot of ICO’s have been compensating in the area of social media by launching bounty campaigns and giving out free airdrops. There are also some trusted ICO reviewers out there you can contact and ask them to review your project for a fee.

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