Five amazing benefits that comes from using the solarex customized app

The solarex customized app is a key feature of the solarex energy solution, as it will create an interface that will become a standard for energy consumption and focus on customer satisfaction within the solarex ecosystem. It has obvious benefits, which we shall be highlighting here.

Every user gets up to 30% more cleaner and affordable energy via accessing the Solarex ecosystem using the App: One unique thing about the solarex customized app is the fact that it can monitor the CO2 emissions within the environment and also create value added services via its other embedded features.
Track and get insight on your energy consumption, past and present: The current energy market in Africa thrives on unmetered energy consumption. Users pay for what they do not consume and this factor makes the energy market to favor the energy company rather than the users. Solarex hopefully will change this bias system as users can monitor their past and present energy consumption.
Make it easy to view and pay your energy bills: Using the customized solarex app, every user can pay his/her energy bills via the use of solarex tokens.
Easily predict your monthly bills based on how much energy you use daily: The app is so handy, that it can be use to predict monthly bills based on previous daily consumption. This gives the user the leverage to plan appropriately.
Freely downloaded on Google play store and on Apple Store: The best benefits derivable from the solarex customized app, is its free download feature. Users can easily go to their Google Play store or Apple store, depending on the type of mobile phones they are using and download it freely and install.

Just in case you have not yet purchased your Solarex token, please be informed that the Solarex Pre-ICO token sales is ending in just 7 days, and you can easily register and purchase your Solarex token by visiting our official Solarex website at

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