Create multiple income streams, Invest in Solarex(SRX) tokens!!!

Solarex (SRX) token is a revolutionary utility token that is set to completely disrupt the energy market in Africa via its Blockchain enabled ecosystem, which will see lots of jobs been created and hundreds of homes having easy access to clean, cheap and sustainable power supply in Africa.

The Solarex (SRX) token which is a research product of Africa Blockchain Research Council (ABRC), a holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, UK, is planning to commence Token Generation Event beginning from on the 15th of May 2018 at a fixed price of $0.05 per token, which will attract a bonus of 20% per purchase.

The launching of the Solarex(SRX) token is set to create multiple income streams for investors, landowners and token holders generally, as discussion is already at advanced stages to get the token listed in top external exchanges.

Solarex(SRX) token which is been projected in the digital market as one of the most sought-after cryptocurrency where Solarex customers can pay for energy bills, service, or other payment via SRX tokens.

In this sense, Solarex token will become a popular digital currency medium like fiat money for future use. This brings up a natural investment area for token holders for storing value in it.

The Solarex official website is already open for registration and lots of subscribers have already registered, completed the KYC process and funded their Solarex account with ease. For information about partnership and or private sale, contact the CEO directly at

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