Charting the Energy Course!

In 2016, CNN carried out a survey across 36 African countries and just 4 out of 10 enjoy a reliable supply of energy throughout the day, which means a greater percentage experience regular blackouts.

Some of the main causes of energy crises in most African countries are identified as

Absence of grid power in remote and developed location.

lack of safety and reliability.

· Environmental and Public health.

· Major hazards from the polluting energy sources.

· Lack of transparency and security in power transactions.

· Adaptability and resilience.

· Regular blackout from power failure.

· Unaffordable energy cost.

· Unnecessary loss of energy in a centralised grid during transmission.

·And energy thieves

These challenges and many more are what the Solarex Model seeks to address. The main source of energy generation will be from a solar farm and the size of the farm will be dependent on the size of the locality to be served. Solarex solution is to map out a sizeable radius based on the number of consumers in a given location and determine the consumers that will be able to connect to a specific Microgrid. The microgrid will connect all consumers with and without home solar installation to the solar farm. All consumers will have Solarex Smart Meter (SSM) which will allow them tap energy from the microgrid. The Smart Meter connected will be able to read energy data to the blockchain.

The various categories of consumers will be those that have fully owned Rooftop Solar PV installed, those that are on lease same and the last category of consumers are those that will consume energy directly from the solar farm, these set of consumers may will not have home solar installations. Every category of consumer will also be able to purchase energy from neighbours with excess energy who wish to sell through a platform called the peer2peer energy trading platform.

An essential feature in the blockchain is the Smart contract and all transactions will be done through the smart contract

Solarex will offer the most efficient and sustainable energy provision by setting a new standard for energy consumption, focusing on customer satisfaction and offering energy at an affordable price for all.

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