Introducing the brand new Solarex update for better user experience

As part of Solarex team’s effort to ensure a seamless operation for all registered users on our website, there has been ongoing Solarex update on our official  website to satisfy visitors and registered users who may which to fund their Solarex account and purchase Solarex tokens with ease.

The new Solarex update which was implemented days back, has witnessed positive feedback from registered users who can now fund their Solarex account and purchase Solarex token all on the same page, unlike what was obtainable before, where a registered user had to navigate to another page before he/she can fund his/her account and click a different page for purchasing Solarex tokens.

There are other new updates which will be implemented on the Solarex website in the coming days in a bid to ensure all Solarex subscribers get the best service possible. All users shall be informed as soon as these new updates are implemented.

Just in case you have not yet purchased your Solarex token, please be informed that the Solarex Pre-ICO token sales is still on, and you can easily register and purchase your Solarex token by visiting our official Solarex website at
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