Amazing opportunities for Investors in the renewable energy market in Africa

Advocacy for the use of renewable energy has never been as intense as in recent years. Population explosion, urbanization, climate change amongst other challenges affecting our world has made it imperative to reduce the use of non-renewable sources of energy for their negative impact on the environment.

The fact is that renewable energy are forms of energy that are natural and constantly replenishing and the sources include wind, sun, rain, tides, heat, wind, Biofuel, Biogas and so on. They are more environmentally friendly and have been known to have a positive impact on end users.

As apparent in the Automobile industry, there is a gradual shift from the use of automobile fuel to electrically powered automobile. History was made recently in Australia when a 100% powered train was launched. This goes to show that there is more to be explored in the renewable energy industry.

The continent of Africa is blessed with an abundance of renewable energy sources and this has obviously opened the door of opportunity to investors across the globe.

Sunlight and other of these sources are freely available in large amount.
A recent research carried out earlier this year confirmed the fact that 0.3% of the energy from the sunlight from Africa could sufficiently supply all of Europe’s energy needs. There is also an ongoing collaboration involving British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to build a 45 billion Euro ($64) super grid that would connect renewable energy resources across Europe and Africa.

Indeed there’s a huge opportunity for investors to participate in the renewable energy revolution currently taking place in the continent, and the Solarex Powering Africa Project, which is set to light up Africa using an innovative Blockchain Technology that will also tap from the renewable energy of the sun is a veritable opportunity to get involved in the energy market.

The Solarex energy solution will create an efficient and sustainable solar energy at an affordable price for all. It will also bring cleaner energy closer to the people while disrupting the present energy market in a more environmental friendly way. Solarex is a truly decentralised, robust and democratised energy solution that will create amazing opportunities for investors in the renewable energy market in Africa.

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Program Coordinator, Nigeria