Amazing features of the solarex-app users will find useful

The solarex-app which is a key component of the Solarex ecosystem has brought so much buzz in the cryptocurrency market, as a lot of registered users have been asking numerous questions about the Solarex token and the relevance of the solarex-app.

One of the key features of the solarex-app is the Buy/Sell function. This is indeed one of the most important features that come with the solarex-app. Any user can easily buy Solarex token via this menu within few minutes as long as you have sufficient funds on your Ethereum wallet which support such functionality. All you need to do is copy your Ethereum wallet ID and paste in the appropriate field when you want to buy Solarex token.

The App will be made available for download within the next few days and will be constantly upgraded to mitigate any issues that may arise as a result of bugs or technical problems. It is a delight to users based on its beautiful User interface and ease of access.

The Solarex official ICO website is now opened for token purchase. For those interested in partnership and private sale, simply contact the CEO at
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