Amazing benefits of buying solarex token during ICO Pre-Sale window

The idea of buying solarex token is absolutely brilliant because the token comes with awesome potential, and has already been released on Pre-Sale. It is important to note that Initial coin offering is a medium used to raise funds for projects built around a particular coin or token.

The cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly competitive, as numerous ICO’s are launched in the market on a daily basis. In this article, I will be highlighting some benefits of buying solarex token during ICO Pre-Sale window before the token hit external exchanges.

Solarex token Price at Pre-Sale stage is very low
At ICO launch, most token prices are usually offered at a very cheap amount to encourage registered users to purchase these tokens. When these tokens get to external exchanges, their prices usually shoot up due to market force, which the token owners have no power over.

Solarex token which is already on Pre-Sale is no exception, as the token is been sold at an amazingly low price of $0.05 per token.

The price will likely go beyond the $0.5 boundary when it hits the external exchanges, as talks are already at advance stages with top exchanges to get the token listed 14 days after the end of ICO.

The difference in the price during ICO should be a motivation for smart crypto investors.

Lots of incentives for token holders
Solarex is offering mouth watering incentives during its ICO Pre-Sale window. These bonuses differ depending on the time of purchase. Subscribers buying solarex token are offered a bonus of 20% during ICO Pre-Sale and these bonus incentives aren’t available when these tokens get listed in the exchanges.

There is also special discount for crypto investors buying solarex token worth more than $3000 and above during Pre-Sale.

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