A very warm welcome to kanti sangma on board the Solarex team

Proud to inform our esteemed subscribers that kanti sangma an innovative, creative and passionate web developer/ designer who have created a niche for himself in the graphic design space joins the solarex team.

Blessed with an amazing problem solving and technical spanning more than 15 years kanti sangma remains a key member of the team based on his core competence ranging from ATM card design, brochure design, catalogue designs, creation of front-end design and facetoon.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce and has occupied strategic positions in several top-notch companies. An excellent communicator who can easily create solutions to complex problems in project design and implementation, kanti sangma is uniquely talented and brings a whole lot of creativity to the Solarex “Powering Africa Project”

The Solarex Pre-Sale is still much in progress and it goes with an incentive of a whopping 20% for each Solarex purchase made. All these bonuses are time based and subscribers are encouraged to utilize the opportunity provided to fund and purchase as much tokens as possible.

Be part of the Powering Africa Project and help to lighting up Africa. Join this project by registering via our official website at https://www.solarex.io and open up the continent to an amazing range of business opportunity while also creating a steady income stream for all.

Media Contact
Africa Blockchain Research Council
Mobile: +44(0)8712884283
Fax: +44(0)8712774009
Email: info@solarex.io


Program Coordinator, Nigeria

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