A simple Guide to purchasing SRX tokens unveiled

The SRX token sales which officially flagged off on the 15th of May 2018 has brought a lot of excitement among crypto investors, with a lot of questions been asked about how to buy Solarex tokens. In this article, I will be highlighting simple steps any potential investor can take in purchasing the SRX tokens.

1. First visit the official website: https://www.solarex.io and login using your username and password sent to your inbox
2. When you are in your Solarex Dashboard, start the process of buying SRX tokens by clicking on the “BUY TOKENS” button in your Dashboard
3. Under the “ICO STARTS NOW” header, click the BUY TOKEN link
4. Your balance in USD will be displayed together with the Enter SRX Amount and Enter USD Amount field
5. Simply input the above two data and input Captcha
6. Click the “Buy” button at the bottom of the field
7. Token Purchased will appear if the transaction was successful
8. Go to your Dashboard and check to confirm if the SRX tokens you purchased appears

If you experience any challenge or problem related to purchasing SRX tokens, don’t hesitate to contact support or send us a mail at info@solarex.io
For those who are yet to purchase the SRX tokens, there is still ample opportunity available.

Simply visit the Solarex official website – https://solarex.io , register, complete your KYC process, fund your account and go ahead to buy your Solarex tokens with ease.
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