A brief background check on solarex utility token

The solarex utility token has been on the news over the past few months now. In this article, we shall be x-raying everything about the solarex utility token.

For a start, solarex is a utility token, which was created by the Africa Blockchain Research council (ABRC), a holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, a research and development company based in Essex, UK. The token is a unique blend of renewable energy and Blockchain technology and will be hosted on the Ethereum platform as a means to ensure a full fledge democratization of the Solarex ecosystem.

How it all began
The concept that is called solarex began in 2017, when ABRC came up with the idea of bridging the widening energy gap been experienced in Africa, resulting from years of energy deficits in most African countries, that has seen more than 620 million Africans been deprived of electricity over the past two decades.

ABRC immediately brought together a team of experienced renewable experts and Blockchain technocrats and they researched the idea of deploying Blockchain technology in driving the renewable technology revolution in Africa.

The research outcome eventually gave birth to the solarex utility token, which was heralded as a democratized Utility token that is set to shape the future of renewable energy in Africa and beyond. The solarex token is a decentralized, decarbonized and democratized token.

Insight into the Solarex project
The project behind the Solarex utility token is called “Powering Africa Project” This Project is designed to set up off grid solar farms in not only the rural areas, but also the semi-urban areas and at designated cluster zones to improve energy scenario within the selected zones.

Solarex comes with option of accessing the Complete Solar Package solution which can be made possible via outright sale, while another option available to consumers are the leasing of Solar Package which comes with a tailored support with finance.

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