The Solarex Pre-ICO sales backed up by the Powering Africa Project

The Solarex Pre-ICO sales which successfully commenced on the 15th of May 2018 have made the Solarex token a trending token on the cryptocurrency space.

The actual reason behind launching any ICO is to act as a stimulus to raise funds for initiating projects that will give actual value to people. Unlike company shares, ICO’s can raise billions of dollars within few days for the purpose of implementing specific project the Company behind the ICO stated in their website. The question is: “Is the Solarex Pre-ICO sales backed up by a real project?”

The answer is yes. The Solarex Pre-ICO sales for example is solely planned to raise funds for the Powering Africa Project, which is a research idea initiated by the Africa Blockchain Research Council, a holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, a UK based Company. The project is set to address the energy crisis in Africa, which has limited economic growth in the region over the year.

For those yet to take advantage of the amazing offer available on the official Solarex website, you can still visit and register, complete your KYC process, fund your account and purchase your Solarex tokens with ease. There is a bonus 20% available for those who purchase tokens during the Solarex Pre-ICO sales window.

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Program Coordinator, Nigeria

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