10 must do Checklists to implement before launching your ICO

In your quest to launch your ICO, there is always the temptation to skip one or two vital steps and end up disrupting the smooth transition between planning and actual launching of the ICO. This guide is specifically packaged to help ensure that everyone connected to the ICO launch project do not miss any vital step in the process of launching a much anticipated ICO.

Buy token link is active
One of the most important buttons every investor usually looks out for is the “Buy Token” button. It is vital to ensure this button or link is actually working and if clicked, can take the investor to the landing page for buying tokens.

Withdraw/transfer link
The withdraw/transfer link is equally important, because lots of investors may want to find out the possibility of either withdrawing their accumulated BTC, ETH or other tokens into their wallet.

Marketing channels all active
Ensure all marketing outlet you wish to deploy like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Telegram and Google are all ready for deployment.

Have you covered all legal aspect/incorporation?
Your ICO company must be covered via all legal papers and framework to avoid falling foul of the law when the actual ICO sales commences. Ensure that these legal documentations are taken care of.

Contact page functionality
Every potential investor may want to find out the possibility of contacting the ICO admin or customer care. Just like a normal site, ensure that your Contact page is up and running and people can easily reach out to you.

Login Functionality
What is the essence of having an ICO launch when thousands of potential investors can’t even login to the ICO website? To avoid such huge embarrassment, run a login functionality test before the Launch date.

Is the product/App/Platform ready?
Is the ICO going to involve a product or App or platform? Ensure that they are ready for deployment before the actual ICO launch.
ICO token including legal aspect of the Smart Contract should have been created
One crucial aspect of most ICO launch is the creation of ICO token including getting your Smart Contract ready. Without these, there is no way the ICO launch can be successfully implemented.

Are your marketing kits ready for takeoff?
While planning for the Pre-ICO launch of our Solarex tokens (SRX), it took us weeks before we were able to get the token sales presentation video ready, but it was worth all the time. You must ensure all articles to be rolled out are ready and all Press releases are equally ready.

Change Password functionality
The possibility of users and investors losing their password and trying to change their password is always there. Ensure that the process is seamless and does not frustrate potential investors.

Finally, you have checked all you need to check both on the site and off the site. All that is left is actual countdown to the big day. Still go ahead and tell others about the big event everywhere you go, and don’t forget to chip in a word or two about the benefit.

Lest I forget, the Solarex Pre-ICO is just few days away, commencing on the 15th of April 2018. Remember to secure your place by visiting https://www.solarex.io and register. Don’t also forget to complete the KYC process to enable you buy the Solarex tokens.


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