The challenge posed by environmental pollution from fossil fuel usage in Africa

The huge environmental pollution from traditional energy sources in Africa
The challenge of environmental pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels, which has become a traditional source of most energy generation in Africa, has become so worrisome over the years.

Most power plants in Africa are powered by Gas, coal and hydro. These energy sources contribute more than 85% of the total energy needs in the continent which is presently estimated at around 1.8GW of electricity.

Kenya for example has energy plant that uses coal fired turbines. These coal fired plant has had a negative impact on the environment over the years including its thriving fishing business due to degradation of the coastline.

Toxic pollutants from the coal fired plants go into the ground water and sea water, causing grave danger via environmental pollution to both humans and sea lives.

Secondly, CO2 emission level from coal fired power plants are outside the international standard level. As with similar fossil fuels, the CO2 emission though insignificant, yet portends serious challenge to the environment.

This is the major reason behind a gradual shift from the use of traditional fossil fuels to a cleaner and environmental friendly renewable energy source by most countries in Africa.

The fossil fuels emits harmful substances like CO2, black carbon and carbon monoxide into the air, thus affecting health, degrading the environment and its presently the chief cause of respiratory diseases and cancer in the continent.

CO2 emission level in Africa currently exceeds 400 million metric tons, and unless it is checked, the environmental pollution and human impact may not be too good.

The good news is that the Solarex ICO is set up to address these serious challenge in the electricity industry in Africa via it’s well tailored renewable energy ecosystem.

Africa is gradually embracing the new trend of renewable energy due to the challenges been posed by the traditional use of fossil fuels, which tend to expose our natural assets and make the environment unsafe due to degradation and CO2 emission which has resulted to hundreds of deaths yearly.

In the coming years hopefully, the environmental pollution level will be greatly reduced as more and more African countries will key into the renewable energy market.

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