SOLAREX- The Catalyst to Revolutionising the Energy Market in Africa

Solarex, the energy solution startup aims to put forward an innovative blockchain model that will disrupt, decentralise, decarbonise, digitalize and democratise the access to energy for all. Solarex the blockchain based Solar Energy Company that promises to be the most sustainable energy provider across the globe has launched its Utility Token (SRX) which will have multiple uses in the Solarex Ecosystem, with SRX, users will be able to purchase energy from Solarex Ecosystem, transact payment in the p2p energy marketplace, make cross border, incentive and referral payments, service purchase, project financing, loan repayment, access product discount and community development program.

Why Solarex
Solar Technology has gained global approval and has ultimately become the main driver in the energy market in most developed countries deploying its potential in boosting their renewable target. Solarex as a complete blockchain based initiative geared towards resolving energy crises in Africa and many other parts of the world that suffer energy shortage have set out to combine blockchain and Solar Technology see to the end of lack of transparency and security in power transactions, the reduction of carbon footprints and noise pollution, unaffordable energy cost, energy theft, unnecessary loss of energy in a centralised grid during transmission to mention a few.

Creating opportunities and making energy users become a part of Solarex project remains at the heart of our plans to revolutionize the energy market. The initiative is to extend energy to users in a structured and simple manner that will impact positively on the entire continent in the near future.

At the end of the Solarex Ecosystem, Solarex will be on the road to becoming the largest, most effective and sustainable blockchain based solar energy provider in Africa offering energy at an affordable price for all, setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customers satisfaction at all times.

Now is the best time to invest in Solarex, be a part of the REVOLUTION.
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