10 must do Checklists to implement before launching your ICO

In your quest to launch your ICO, there is always the temptation to skip one or two vital steps and end up disrupting the smooth transition between planning and actual launching of the ICO. This guide is specifically packaged to help ensure that everyone connected to the ICO launch project do not miss any vital step in the process of launching a much anticipated ICO. Buy token link is active One of the most important…

"10 must do Checklists to implement before launching your ICO"

Before launching your ICO, these are 10 important checklists

Launching an ICO is a not just a huge burden, but also involves a lot of technical inputs that require the presence of the founder, members of the team and also those connected with the project. Beginning from the idea conception to actual implementation of the ICO project, it is important for some key checklists to be ticked before the actual launch of the ICO can be guaranteed as a success. Do you need to…

"Before launching your ICO, these are 10 important checklists"

Democratization of Power via renewable energy

Power generation is the first line of democratization of power process. The natural power generation options like gas, thermal, hydro and nuclear are usually deployed to achieve this, but the new trend of renewable energy in power generation has created multiple options in the energy niche circle. What does the democratization of power via renewable energy offer? One of the numerous benefits of a democratized power via renewable energy is that it allows for decentralization.…

"Democratization of Power via renewable energy"

Beyond darkness, comes the Powering Africa Project

The Powering Africa Project is a product of years of research conducted by the Africa Blockchain Research Council (ABRC), a holding Company of Auto Republic Ltd, a UK based research and development company with a clear mission to help bridge the widening energy deficit in Africa via a disruptive system of Blockchain Technology and the amazing potential in renewable energy. The project hopes to utilize the larger scale application of solar farms that can generate…

"Beyond darkness, comes the Powering Africa Project"

What is the USP of the Solarex Pre-ICO Sales?

Solarex Pre-ICO token Sales is offering an innovative, disruptive and absolutely amazing cheap, sustainable and clean energy solution that would make available energy for African countries who are in desperate need for electricity to power infrastructural and economic development. What makes Solarex unique? What are the Unique Selling Points associated with Solarex Token Sales? • Well written white paper The Solarex Whitepaper is a 33 paged well written document that highlights all the basic ingredients…

"What is the USP of the Solarex Pre-ICO Sales?"


The news of our ICO is spreading,  we have taken it to ABNEWSWIRE. It is not by chance that we are spreading the news like a wide fire. Our all time fully focused team are working day and night to ensure the success of the pre-ico commencing 15th of April You can check what ABNEWSWIRE wrote about us  by CLICKING HERE  

"We are on ABNEWSWIRE"

6 renewable energies that can be deployed in Africa

Global energy demand has always been a thorny issue which has hindered the economic development in Africa and part of Asia and South America in the last three decades. The energy crisis especially in Africa has seen more than 645 million persons unable to have access to electricity. A 2016 KPMG Africa report which gave a damning verdict about the serious energy crisis in Africa stated emphatically: “At least 30 countries in Africa experience daily…

"6 renewable energies that can be deployed in Africa"

The Ultimate Guide to Pre-ICO and ICO Launching

Today’s cryptocurrency market has become so diversified that every investor must understand the basics of the market in order to achieve success and create a good financial portfolio. The very first step in the process of undertaking an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale, is to carry out an estimate of the cost. How much will it cost to carry out an ICO sale will depends on so many factors, but the average estimate of an…

"The Ultimate Guide to Pre-ICO and ICO Launching"