Why you need to diversify your Bitcoin portfolio

Diversification is the ultimate caution that must be implemented in the cryptocurrency world. It is better you diversify your risk, so that all your investment are not lost in one single swoop. Trying to keep your funds in several wallets is one surest way to diversify your cryptocurrency investment.  Some recommended exchanges where you can keep your coins or token include: Ledger Nano S, Ledger Blue, Coinpayments, Exodus and Jaxx.

Also remember to create a backup of your cryptocurrency wallet, to safeguard your investment in the event of hardware failure or your mobile phone getting stolen. There are possibilities for your laptop to get damaged, stolen or crash. In such cases, you can always fall back to the backup to recall your cryptocurrency login details.

If your mobile phone is stolen or get damaged, whatever backup file you have saved will also prove useful in the long run. Every Back up of your cryptocurrency wallet details should be duplicated just for additional security in your bid to diversify your Bitcoin portfolio.

Additional tips
• Never disclose your cryptocurrency wallet login details to friends or on social media platforms
• Ensure you are monitoring your investment portfolio daily, so as to take proactive measure in the event of issues regarding the security of such exchanges or platforms.

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