Top 7 ICO resources to deepen our cryptocurrency Knowledge

The cryptocurrency market is a huge multi-billion dollar industry that is highly technical and requires extreme insight in understanding its fundamental workings. This knowledge cannot be attained within a day or two, but may require constant reading and online research.

The internet remains the biggest source of cryptocurrency materials and today I will be sharing seven hot websites where one can get rich resources to enhance his cryptocurrency knowledge.

Bitcoin talk Forum ( )
This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency forums on the internet, with thousands of daily visitors. They are so popular, that users need to enable their account before they can start posting. The charge though is a meager 0.00006405BTC. There are hundreds of threads that one can join and start reading up. It ranges from crpto mining, marketplace, project development and hardware.

Coin schedule ( )
This website shows upcoming token sales and ICO’s, their date of launch and their ranking from A to E. These ICO’s cover different niche from social network to payment and in most cases, Live Token sales and ICO’s are also displayed on their homepage.

Token Market ( )
This is a valuable market place for upcoming and live tokens, digital assets and blockchain based investment. Any serious investor should have a look at this website before deciding on committing his/her funds on any token or digital asset.

ICO Countdown ( )
This website gives an incisive spotlight into new crypto projects with special emphasis on crowd funding methodology. They utilize due diligence in ascertaining the viability of the projects. Display countdown timer for each ICO’s under review.

ICO Tracker( )
This is a unique website that deploys five key fundamental parameters in tracking the viability of any particular ICO- Escrow, Whitepaper, Team, Roadmap and ICO Condition. They equally display current, upcoming and past ICO’s that have been tracked and reviewed by them.

ICO Rating ( )
This website provides an objective rating of up and coming ICO’s in several niches. They list the industry each ICO falls in, their date of ICO launch, their target goal and their respective rating depending on their viability. The rating ranges from Positive, Stable to very Low.

These websites are just few of the numerous that dot the internet. Their contents are usually updated on a daily basis and the knowledge gleaned from them can never be quantified. The cryptocurrency space is always evolving and the more knowledgeable an individual is, the more equipped he/she will be in handling issues revolving around the market.


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