The Ultimate Guide to Pre-ICO and ICO Launching

Today’s cryptocurrency market has become so diversified that every investor must understand the basics of the market in order to achieve success and create a good financial portfolio. The very first step in the process of undertaking an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale, is to carry out an estimate of the cost. How much will it cost to carry out an ICO sale will depends on so many factors, but the average estimate of an ICO sale now goes between $30,000 to $250,000 and the value keeps increasing as new cost are been factored into the process.

First come up with an idea

It is important to note that every ICO must be backed up with a practicable idea. The very first step to be undertaken is to create a project that others can easily key into in the long run. An ICO is a medium for raising funds to actualize such ideas and project that will add value to the life of people.

Your idea will require tokens

One of the fundamental reason and goal behind crypto investments is the use of tokens to implement the ICO sale. A token is something that can be built on another platform like Ethereum. A token actually plays different roles within the business operations and transactions of the company that issues it. For example, in order to implement the deployment of Solar PV technology in Africa using smart meters and a digitized App, a tokenized option had to be birthed which resulted in what is been known as Solarex tokens. This token will be launched on the Ethereum platform.

You will require a dedicated website and maybe a blog

To maximize and ensure 100% success rate in terms of Pre ICO sale, a dedicated website and perhaps a blog will be necessary. The website must have the following options:

  • Roadmap
  • Whitepaper
  • Team members
  • A video presentation
  • Sign up page
  • Contact and social channels
  • The pre ICO terms

You will need a lot of Marketing

No matter how good a product is, without a good marketing plan to back it up, such product will not see the light of the day. There are several  marketing options available for the Pre ICO and ICO launch. These include:

  1. Writing quality articles on several platforms
  2. Creating a professional profile on Linkedin
  3. Email marketing
  4. Google Ads
  5. Creating Facebook group and joining different Facebook communities
  6. Twitter
  7. Free profile resources for placing information about your pre-ICO; Coinscart, Tokendata, ICObench, ICOAdvert, IcoTracker, Foxico, Icoalert.
  8. Press release

Token Development

This is the last stage in the process of carrying out a Pre-ICO and ICO launch. A release on the Ethereum platform for example can easily be actualize and even create an opportunity to immediately bring the tokens to an external exchange and set up trade in relation to any crypto asset. Depending on the country where the tokens are been launched, there are legal requirements to be met.


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