Paradigm Shift

In a bid to make energy effortlessly available for all, Solarex took up the challenge and made its ultimate vision to become the largest blockchain based, most efficient, affordable and sustainable energy provider and this has kept us on our toes.

Over the years, generating sets have been known to provide short term solution to the energy crisis in Africa, however, this it does at an expensive price to the consumer’s health and resources. In Nigeria, for example, there is a significant deficit of electricity across the nation, leading citizens to resort to alternative source of energy such as generating sets. Research shows over N3.5billion is spent annually to run and maintain about 60 million generating sets owned by Nigerians, in addition to this, the leading cause of environmental health and noise hazard has been attributed to generator fume thereby causing some type of cancers, increase health issues like Asthma etc while Some have died as a result of exposure to generator fumes, unfortunately, the figure keeps increasing as there has been no measure to create cheaper and cleaner alternative energy solution.

Solarex’s ambition is not only to make energy available and affordable across the globe, most especially in Africa, it seeks to healthily tackle this menace by providing excellent service delivery to each client within the urban and rural setting by offering a cheaper and cleaner alternative energy solution which includes; establishing a sustainable and carbon free industry, see energy consumers generate funds from their home electric production and also in its big-heartedness give back to the community via job creation, giving scholarships to selected talented students from low income families, providing SMEs/farmers with funds and help single mothers with start ups  or apprenticeship in a desired trade or skill, this is one of the ways Solarex intends to build good relationship and connect with communities and add more value to lives and this train kicks off from Nigeria in Africa.