Amazing benefit of buying tokens during ICO before they hit exchange

Initial coin offering is a platform used to raise funds for projects built around a particular coin or token. The cryptocurrency market is becoming so interesting, as numerous ICO’s are launched in the market on a daily basis. People may be wondering about the actual benefit of buying tokens when an ICO is launched.

Purchase token at a cheap price
At ICO launch, most token prices are usually offered at a very cheap amount to encourage registered users to purchase these tokens. When these tokens get to external exchanges, their prices usually shoot up due to market force, which the token owners have no power over. Solarex (SRX), for example, a utility token that is set to commence Token Generation Event from on the 15th of May 2018, has a fixed price of $0.05.

The price will likely go beyond the $1 boundary when it hits the external exchanges, as talks are already at advance stages with top exchanges to get the token listed. The difference in the price during ICO should be a motivation for smart crypto investors.

Added incentives like bonuses
During ICO period, most token websites usually offer bonus as incentives. These bonuses differ depending on the particular token. Solarex tokens offer a bonus of 20% during Pre-ICO token stage and these bonus incentives aren’t available when these tokens get listed in the exchanges.

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