A Preview of the Solarex Ecosystem

The Solarex ecosystem is a disruptive and innovative system that will definitely improve the living condition of the people of Africa. The idea is to build a robust system that is based on Blockchain Technology. Solarex is a new generation hybrid start-up solar power provider backed up by the latest Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency enabled transaction systems. The Solarex ecosystem is committed to utilizing this unique energy solution to improve lives of Africans, majority of who…

"A Preview of the Solarex Ecosystem"

Solarex Tokens- Excellent Customer care service guaranteed w

Solarex Tokens has always been designated as the best token in the cryptocurrency market, providing a platform for payment of energy bills and creating multiple values for users within its powerful ecosystem. One of the distinct qualities offered on the Solarex platform is its excellent customer service. This unique feature is visible not only on Solarex official website- https://www.solarex.io , but also on the Solarex App, which can be downloaded freely on both Android based…

"Solarex Tokens- Excellent Customer care service guaranteed w"

The Solarex Team members- Solid and dependable team of talents

The Solarex Team which was created with the sole intention of driving the Solarex token Project from idea stage to implementation remains solid, dependable and assured. The Solarex Team has continued to steer the Solarex Project since it was inaugurated months ago. It is interesting to note that one of the key factors one usually watch out for, before investing in any coin or token, is the team behind the coin or token. The quality…

"The Solarex Team members- Solid and dependable team of talents"

The Solarex Token- Bringing multiple benefits closer to the people

The Solarex Token which is a utility token used for payment for services in the Solarex ecosystem is set to revolutionize the renewable energy market in Africa. The token which was birthed in 2017 via the research efforts of Africa Blockchain research Council (ABRC), an holding company of Auto Republic Ltd, UK, is a much anticipated token. The Solarex Token when eventually launched will be a standard for all other utility tokens operating within the…

"The Solarex Token- Bringing multiple benefits closer to the people"

Top 3 reasons why the Solarex App is very essential for users

The Solarex App will no doubt revolutionize access to energy among consumers in Africa. With an aim to become the largest, most efficient, cleanest and sustainable energy provider in Africa, the Solarex Ecosystem has a mandate of creating a standard for energy consumption and focusing on customer satisfaction. These goals will hopefully be achieved via a Smart contract which will be hosted on the Ethereum platform that has several functionalities. Let’s see three key reasons…

"Top 3 reasons why the Solarex App is very essential for users"

How bad is the energy shortfall problem in Africa?

In a continent with vast resources, 645 million Africans do not have access to energy, and the number keep increasing as the population keeps rising, the situation in Countries like Central Africa Republic and Burundi is also pathetic with some villages having access to just one to three hours of electricity daily. The truth about global energy penetration is that African countries rank in the top 10 of lowest access to electricity. Citizens are forced…

"How bad is the energy shortfall problem in Africa?"

Solarex ICO ‘Powering Africa Project’ a sustainability Project

As part of measures to create a solution for accessing cheap, reliable, clean and sustainable energy across Sub-Saharan Africa via the use of  Blockchain Technology and a disruptive off-grid Solar Energy platform that will utilize the Solarex Utility Token to create a robust ecosystem, the Africa Blockchain Research Council, has concluded plans to ameliorate the worsening energy crisis in Africa. And this project is tagged ‘Powering Africa Project’ The Solarex ICO, which is the main…

"Solarex ICO ‘Powering Africa Project’ a sustainability Project"


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"We are on ABNEWSWIRE"