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Transactable coins 





Powering Africa Project

Solarex energy solution aims to become the largest, most efficient and sustainable solar energy provider in Africa, offering energy at a cheap and affordable price for all, and setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction at all times. The Powering Africa Project is a disruptive, decentralized and democratised solar energy project with the purpose to build a solar energy ecosystem that is clean and affordable for everyone.


Solarex Utility Token(SRX)

A Token backed up by solar energy, It is full of energy and cannot go wrong. The token will guarantee the fund needed to execute the Power Africa project. A project that in long-term solve the major problem of in the lives of Africans and the rest of the world. This is your chance to purchase Solarex utility token (SRX) Grab yours now, as it will be running low very fast! 



Solarex Ecosystem


Solarex is building a robust system that is based on Blockchain Technology.

The Solarex ecosystem is innovative, disruptive and democratised system that will definitely improve the living condition of the people of Africa and billions of lives all over the world. Solarex is a new generation hybrid start-up solar power provider backed up by the latest Blockchain technology and crypto-currency enabled transaction systems.

We are committed to utilizing this unique disruptive digital energy solution to improve lives of Africans the majority of whom have been deprived access to constant power supply for decades.

The business model is designed to set up off-grid solar farms in the Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural Area areas and at designated cluster zones to improve energy scenario within the selected zones. Solarex comes with the option of accessing the Complete Solar Package solution which can be made possible via outright sale, while another option available to consumers is the leasing of Solar Package which comes with a tailored support with finance.

The backbone for managing and controlling the supply and distribution will be based on Smart contract, smart metering and Solarex App backed up by Blockchain technology. For the transaction of power purchase and fees payment, Solarex utility token will be issued to make a complete solar ecosystem around African. 



Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


In order for Solarex's vision to be implemented, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue Solarex token (SRX) to the public. During the ICO, the price of Solarex Tokens (SRX) will increase. And Solarex Tokens (SRX) will be available for trading in exchanges 14days after the end of the ICO. 


  SRX Issued USD Per SRX Rate Bonus
Pre-ICO 100000000 0.05 20%
Stage1 600000000 0.06 10%
Stage2 500000000 0.07 3%
Stage3 400000000 0.08 1.2%
Stage4 200000000 0.09 0%




Token Distribution Structure


SRX Utility tokens will be the sole driver of all transaction in the Solarex Ecosystem. Thus, Solarex Ecosystem will in time become a household name. Our business strategies will ultimately position Solarex Utility Token (SRX) to becoming a sustainable cryptocurrency that will only grow in value. Plans are at advanced stage to launch Solarex Tokens (SRX) on 3 different exchanges. The Tokens will be made available for trading on these exchanges as with other crypto currencies. 



Important Milestones Here are very impotant dates. Use the Roadmap tab for full roadsmap.


Use of Funds

The funds realized from the Solarex Utility Tokens distribution will be used to establish the Solarex  Ecosystem that will POWER Africa.



Oti Edema 

Founder, CEO, visioner, serial entrepreneur and a business angel. He is the director of Africa Blockchain Research Council, a blockchain enthusiast, research scientist and a network engineer par excellence. Oti has an unequaled reputation for successfully managing complex projects globally. His illustrious background in Management has given him the leverage to successfully manage the Solarex Powering Africa Project from start to finish.  



Masoud Hakimi 

Director, Micrologic Design, UK. Lecturer Anglia Ruskin University Uk, He was the Head of Engineering/Senior Lecturer Huntingdonshire Reginal College UK and has worked extensively with several firms in different capacities as Senior Software Engineer, Head of Software department and Senior Development Engineer. Design and Developing of various telecom standards and applications, GPs and Microprocessors.



Bill Healey   

IT expert with over 30 years experience in diverse industries. He has been credited with creating new market outlay worldwide. An exceptional writer cum journalist with multidimensional skill set, he can effectively convey complex information to audience from diverse backgrounds and at all organizational levels. He is a pragmatic technocrat who can easily create strategic partnerships and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to achieve company objectives.



Sanjib Saha  

Result-oriented Senior Professional with over 25 years of experience in Business, Finance, Commercial, Operations and Strategy in Indian & Global space of US & European MNCs. Industries Worked: Manufacturing / EPC (12+ years), Service (5 years) , FMCG & Retail ( 9 years) and Consulting ( since Sep'15). Complete Fiscal Management of the corporation with global operation, Capability to formulate Strategy framework of the businesses



Sameep S 

Experienced web developer and Blockchain expert who is skilled and trained in Blockchain technology. A seasoned ICO analyst who is vast in building Smart Contract and distributed applications. He is devoted to exploring open source applications and associated web interface. He holds a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in computer science and has an illustrious 10 years working history in the Information technology service industry



Ranit Saha 

Ranit Saha has a Masters in Technology (M. Tech) from the Institute of information Technology Bombay, India. He is an erudite Management and Technology expert who has a deep knowledge in the IT industry and has a good track record in the Blockchain niche market. As a Blockchain and ICO advisor, he combines his over 8 years experience in Cryptocurrency management and Marketing with his vast knowledge in the Fintech industry.




HIMANI Agrawal is a PMP certified project manager from (PMI) USA, MBA in marketing. Highest University  graduant grade Gold Medalist. Extensive experience of over 10 years working with reputed global companies. Worked extensively in Renewable Energy Sector with international companies with hands on experience preparing feasibility study, project planning, execution and management, and market research,She is a team player.  



Azmat Ali 

ACCA Certified Accountant He is an expert in preparation of financial statement, financial analysis, business analysis, business plans writing and feasibility reports. He has worked extensively with companies from the UK, USA, Australia, France, Turkey and Germany. Highly experienced in Solar Projects. He has a certified Accounting Technician (CAT) degree in Accounting & Finance from the Centre of Financial Excellence (CFE), Lahore, Pakistan.



Sadjere Clement 

A certified SPPA-T3000 control system expert with over 17 years experience in operation ,maintenance, troubleshooting and inspection of Siemens Gas Turbines. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Benin,, Edo state Nigeria. He is vast in the ICT and content writing and has tremendous interest in research and development in the renewable energy sector in Nigeria. .



Kyrylo Ivanov  

A senior Linux Administrator, PHP developer and a Network Engineer Some of his career highlights includes: monitoring the deployment of Zabbix system, creating an uninterrupted power supply implementation for critical network points and building a solid technical support organization. A computer geek who loves coding of systems for mailing server management, he also enjoys implementing internal CRM/ERP system as a DevOps expert.



Kanti Sangma  

Kanti Sangma is an innovative, creative and passionate web developer/ designer who has created a niche for himself in the graphic design space. He is blessed with an amazing problem solving and technical spanning more than 15 years. His core competence ranges from ATM card design, brochure design, catalogue designs, creating front-end design and facetoon. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and has occupied strategic positions in several top-notch companies.



Dattatray N

A lead engineer, delivered engineering projects all over the world. He is specialized in technology, engineering, medical science, market research. Has extensive experience in Solar Technology in West Africa. He has accomplished over 200 reverse-engineering assignments in record time, he holds an M.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and will be bringing his wealth of experience into the Powering African Project.



Jin C  

Jin is an embedded software/hardware engineer. Master degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Expert in CDMA communication systems, Algorithm programming, and computer Networking interface. An absolute techie based software and hardware geek current working on hardware PCB design and software programming project. Jin is a gift to the Solarex Powering Africa Project as he is a big players in technical parts of the project.



Krunal B  

Krunal is Senior Automation and Instrumentation design engineer. He holds a BE in Electronics and the founder/CEO of SMARK Automation. He holds the enviable record of developing a power monitoring and control devices. He has ample experience in developing graphical user interface for window based embedded systems. .





Dr. Hasnat K

Dr Hasnat is a prolific developer, technologist and researcher with vast experience. He has worked on variety of significant international projects. He was the lead developer and researcher of a remote sensing based post calamity damage assessment system. He was an active participant in the development of ClaimFlights organization which enables delayed travelers to claim their right with airlines. Dr. Hasnat also worked on a river extraction project.



Tim Reynolds

Chartered Engineer & Environmentalist, qualifications from Cranfield, Southampton Universities & London Business School. Teaches Sustainable Technologies for the Masters Degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge UK. An entrepreneur with experience of corporate direction and governance. An expert in renewable energies and has a crypto currency mining rig, servicing domestic heating loads.



Ahmet Asar

Ahmet is a believer in the power of decentralization, and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. Ahmet is a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in distributed system based ventures and ICOs. Fortunate enough to have lived the transition, he brings two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier. Ahment is a blockchain concultant(Dapp, tokenomics architecture, etc)



Ideas Rule Solicitors

Ideas Rule Solicitors have a solid track record in monitoring all legal risks associated with renewable energy business operations and investments and we have vast experience that cuts across several legal fields - Renewable Energy, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), legal and operational services, taxation and privatization, intellectual property law.



Adrian Edema  

Founder of Gric Coin, Editor in Chief of NGR News, a top notch online news brand with massive following globally. BSc Birmingham City University in the UK, he holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management, a financial expert and a member of ABE UK. Has vast experience in Business Development and Human Resource Management. He has a proven track record in product market development, sales strategy and analysis of sales data.



Rashid Qayyum  

Rashid Qayyum is an adaptable and excellently qualified expert with proven experience in Business Administration, Marketing and Supply chain management. A strong consulting professional with an MBA in marketing, who has an accomplished track record of profitably implementing strategies that accelerate core growth with measurable results for a wide variety of organizations. His solid management background will be of tremendous asset to the Solarex Advisory board.




What are the payment options available for investors?

We accept Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC)

What is your product?

Solarex is leveraging blockchain technology to secure clean and affordable energy for all.

Will the price of Solarex token fluctuate or rise steadily when it is eventually launched on external exchanges after the ICO sale?

The price of Solarex token will be fixed by us during the ICO stages, but after the ICO, when Solarex token has been listed on exchanges, the secondary market are not controlled by Solarex. However, we anticipate a steady rise in trading price.